Sale Sale Sale!

Post Christmas sales..normally I would be so excited to go but this year i actually had second thoughts, the horrendous queues and having my patience tested over the christmas shopping period made me want to hibernate until summer.
Anyway on boxing day my partner and I decided to go to Milton Keynes, I had made myself a list the night before of items that I really wanted to find so i didn't get too carried away. We got there nice and early, i had my 'shopping outfit' on, felt really good a little bit excited when i saw that it wasn't too busy,game on i thought!
First shop we went into and after 10 minutes i was done, when I say that it was busy was a total understatement, i had one woman giving me evil stares as i clasped my hands tightly around the last burts bees lipbalm set...eek! There were also plenty of sightings of shopping rage, like road rage but without the car, who knew that shopping could become so stressful and so, dare i say it,dangerous!
Nevertheless I managed to get my very first Burts Bees product to try and also some of my favourite lipgloss, Lancome Juicy Tubes.
Afterwards we wondered around for another half an hour but failed miserably. I could not find anything else that I wanted from my list. Great for my purse but not for my mood.
I haven't been back to the shops since that day, from then on I have stuck to 'cyber shopping'.
Did anyone else have the same issues with shopping or was i just extremely unlucky?!
Much Love
I will be doing a review of the products that I purchase in next post so watch this space


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