Snow..oh no!

So has anyone else had enough of the snow yet!? It looks so pretty from the window but for anyone that has to commute anywhere...nightmare! I was fortunate enough not to have had to travel when it was at its worst but I felt sorry for my partner and anyyone else that had to :o(
This is a quick picture of what it looked like from our window!

So last week I did a post on some beauty products that I purchased, just to recap here is a picture of the items.

After one week I can already say that I am really pleased with these purchases.
The Garnier body lotion has been great for my super dry skin. I liked the fact that it wasn't greasy when I put it on and it absorbed into my skin really fast, I get so annoyed when you have to stand for ages rubbing in body lotion!
The face wash is a great product especially at such a bargin price! I only had one spot on my chin after using it, I find that sometimes when I use a new facewash I get breakouts but this time I didn't. I wouldn't use it on a daily basis but maybe once or twice a week.
Finally the face cream, now this is a product I don't need to write much about as in my last post I already said that how much I loved it when I had used it previously and once again it didn't fail to dissapoint!
I tend to use it on its own with just a bit of clear mascara and of course plenty of lip gloss!
Much Love


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