Busy Bee and lost pounds!


I'm still here! Sorry for the lack of posts, it was one of those weeks in the month where time just flies by and extra hours in the day would have been gratefully received!

As you read on my post 2 weeks ago I started my weight loss journey. My first week was a bit of a disaster with regards to eating healthy, I made the mistake of making some cupcakes for Valentines day. I succeeded in not licking the bowl clean of batter but failed by eating 3 of the cakes as soon as they came out of the oven...whoops! When I got on the scales I had prepared myself for the worst, ready to cry and vow to be good the next day but it was a pleasant surprise to see that I was 4.5lbs lighter! Ha Ha a miracle! The only reason I can think for this was that apart from the cakes and a nice meal on Valentines most of the time I didn't really eat much as I was so busy running around doing stuff.

As its Thursday today I will be weighing myself later to see how I have done this week. I have been super good with eating fruit this week! This sounds so bad but I am not a fruit lover, in fact I have to force myself to eat it. This week I have eaten strawberries, raspberries,grapes and a clementine. The good thing is that I don't feel so bloated like I normally do so I am definitely going to keep it up.

Do you struggle on your diets or do you have any good tips? Let me know.

Much Love



  1. Struggling on with my diet too so good luck with yours :-). Enjoying your blogs so keep it up


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