January Favourites!

Wow so now that January is over will the rest of 2013 go by so quickly! 
I thought about my new year resolutions at the weekend and have surprised myself that I have managed to stick to more than two of them! Hurrah.
Although I am yet to start on the fitness goal,that will be this week. I always feel that if you start all of your resolutions or goals at once you are less likely to stick to them!
Today I wanted to share some of my January favourites with you. I love reading and watching about this topic so thought I would give it a go and do one myself
Firstly my beauty favs (and yes a candle managed to sneak in there somehow!)
First of all is a hair care item, Cantu shea butter for the hair is a hair dress for afro/dry hair. This stuff is fantastic!! I use it once I dried my to about 80% and then put about 2x 50p size dollops and rub from the roots to the ends of my hair and then finish drying, the result, shiny soft and sweet smelling hair! Now I dont think thats it available in the uk as this one was purchased in the USA but if it was here I would buy it by the bucketloads!
For the body i have been loving the Imperial Leather citrus burst shower gel,the lime and kiwi extract have that perfect wake up smell to get me out of my sleepy stupor in the morning. Also another item that I have really liked is the garnier body intensive 7 day lotion for dry/rough skin. Since I have been using it my skin has been less flaky and dry and not left feeling greasy. I did a review for it on my last post Mini Skincare Haul Review
The perfume is Sean John - Unforgivable Woman. Now when I first saw this it had been reduced in price quite considerably so i was a bit dubious but after the first sniff I was in love! It has quite a strong scent but not too overpowering for the day. I'm really rubbish when it comes to describing scents, lets just say that I wear day/night and even if I'm not leaving the house I will just put on one squirt as thats how much I love the smell!
Mac bronzing powder has been another must have for me during the cold months. Normally I would have a little glow still after a late holiday but last year we didn't get a chance to go anywhere so I was left with a lovely grey pallor (yes even with my brown skin!) that left me looking like i was ready to audition for a Twilight movie. This bronzer leaves with a subtle shimmery glow that I would have got if I had been in Barbados for 2 weeks
I have started using a old favourite once again ...good old Vaseline. As you can see in the picture my tub has seen better days. I use it on my lips,cuticles,elbows,heels and sometimes even on my hair to keep the pesky hairs right at the front slicked down.
The Burts Bees lip balm, another lip product to add to my collection. It really moisterises my lips whilst leaving a subtle hint of colour and I just love the packaging.
Last but not lease is the Lavender Vanilla candle by Yankee Candle. Ive had this candle for a good couple of years but only actually starting lighting it around the end of december. I always find that even if you don't light a Yankee Candle they give off a subtle scent. This one has just a slight hint of lavender as I feel that the vanilla scent really comes through but it is really relaxing and leaves the bedroom smelling gorgeous.
The second picture just shows some of my non beauty favourites. I am just starting the Twilight book even though I have seen the film a hundred times! Also one my favourite tv shows, Lipstick Jungle, why oh why did it have to get cancelled! My supersoft ruffle scarf and last of all a small cross stitch to sit and do on these cold winter evenings.
Did you have any January favourites?
Much Love


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