TDT, what is this I hear you say! Well it means TRIM DOWN THURSDAY. I have decided to do a series of posts about my weight loss journey.

Now I know that people will say that they have heard this all before but I personally like reading about other peoples weight loss and how they achieved it, mainly for inspiration and also to keep me motivated.

I never try and set myself a date for when I am going to start a diet, normally it's always the night before and I will just randomly turn to my partner and announce that 'tomorrow' we will start eating healthy!

Since being very ill last year I had gained a lot of weight and as we are due to go on holiday this year I want to be able to wear a swimming cossie and not have to cover up under something when I go down to the pool area

I do have a fair amount of weight to lose, around the 6 stone mark but I think that if I do it slowly I will keep it off this time.

A few years ago I lost around 4 stone on the Weight Watchers diet. I felt great for losing that much but it did come at a price, I became absolutely obsessed with losing weight, I would go to the gym every other day, cycle to work, do a workout DVD every evening. It got to the point that if I put on a pound my day would be ruined. Along with the exercise I also took slimming pills (bought from a shop) and virtually starved myself at weekends.

The turning point came when I split up with my ex and healthy eating went out the window, most people can't eat when they break up but I am the complete opposite and can eat for England during any stressful time in my life.

So that's my intro about my weight loss woes so far, hopefully next week I will have a some good news to share!

Much Love



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