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How does your garden grow!

Hi! As much as love beauty and fashion I also wanted to give you an insight into some other of my hobbies! Now I never used to be into gardening, it was always something that I associated with my dad (a keen gardner) or older people, dont ask why I just never thought that younger people were into it! Anyway a few years ago we moved and suddenly had a larger garden, the first year I did abosolutley nothing to it. The following year I started a new job which was extremely stressful and to be honest made me miserable most days so I really wanted something to focus on and let off steam when I got home. I took it upon myself to get our garden sorted and soon realised that I absolutley loved it, I would put on my ipod and quite happily potter outside and any stress from that day would soon be forgotten and with a little help from dad it become a place where we could relax and entertain. Unfortuntly last year I was quite ill so the garden got neglected, not only that but most of our f

TDT - Update

Hi! Well this week has been the hardest of my diet so far! Not only did I have a super busy week but it was also period time :o( I knew it was going to be tough as I already had cravings for chocolate on the monday. Now in my mind the best way to cure this is to have some choc, for me personally I find that if I don't have a little of what I fancy I just end up binging on the said item and then I get angry at myself for doing it. I still managed to eat my fruit and salads all week but when I did have a craving I had a 2 finger kit kat in the afternoon and that was enought to satisfy my craving. My other favourite sweet to have on an evening is a shape chocolate pudding on top of a couple of rich tea biscuits! Sounds strange but tastes lovely...really it does! Even with all this I lost 1.5lbs which I am pleased with.  I'm happy if I lose a 1/2lb so anything more is a bonus. Much Love N x

Skincare Routine

Hi! I normally change my skincare routine during the winter months as my skin can get quite dry and in the summer it gets super oily! Currently I am using the following products: Clean and Clear deep action cream wash - This is one of my favourite cleansers as I feel like it does what it says on the bottle and leaves my skin super clean and refreshed. I use this every other day in the morning and every night. As I have said in a previous post I normally just splash my face with water in the morning but since I have gone back to work and have been wearing make up everyday I have been trying to make sure that I properly cleanse my skin. It is reasonably priced as well, this was £3.99 in my local supermarket.   Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Radiance Balm - If you have read some of my other posts you will know that I LURVE this product! I use it everyday under my make up and at weekends when I'm not wearing any make up. It has little particles in it that I fe


Hi   This is another one of my favourite outfits for the these cold winter days!   The cardigan is from Forever 21. I adore this teal colour and the back of it is like a waffle effect so you do need quite a thick top underneath. It's also a good length and covers my bum!   The necklace is a old one I got from new look a few months ago. I wasn't a 100% sure about it at first but I have now worn it many times with various outfits.   My jeans are from new look. These are my favourite jeans as they fit really well. I always have a issue with jeans as some are too long or are too big in the waist! Much Love N x

TDT Update

Hi   Yes at last a good week! I lost 3.5lbs last week! Yay! I was so pleased when I stepped on the scales on Saturday as at the beginning of the week I was a little down as the scales were not moving.   Now I'm not sure what I did last week to achieve this. I actually didn't eat as much fruit and didn't have my daily salad on Monday and we had a McDonalds,whoops!   This week I want to try and concentrate on doing some exercise as I hope this will help with the weight loss. We do have a an x-box kinect which we will moving downstairs so i have the space. I  tried the Dance Central and I worked up a really good sweat doing 1/2 hour of this a few weeks ago! I will be back with another update next week! Much Love N x

Random Facts About ME!

Hi! I have seen this post on quite a few blogs and vlogs and have really enjoyed reading/watching them! So here are 15 random facts about me! 1. I am 32, my mind feels like its 10 years younger and my body feels 10 years older! 2. I am the youngest of 3. I have an older brother and sister. 3. I can't swim and have a fear of the water so bad I can't walk near a swimming pool. I will be having swimming lessons this year which I hope will help me overcome this! 4. I only started reading blogs and watching youtube since November 2012! Bit of a late starter. 5. I used to be a vegetarian but after meeting my fiance who was a meat eater it drove me crazy making separate meals every evening! 6. I am allergic to Quorn. It was after the 4th time I had eaten it that I realised this. 7. Some fruits make me go a bit funny, I can't eat a raw apple but if its cooked Im fine. Its the same with plums, necterines and cherries! 8. I am AAT Qualified. Only by accident I alw

TDT Update

Hi First of all apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. Since I started my new job life has become slightly hectic again! So diet update week 2,3,4....I have been up and down with the diet, during the day I have been super good, salads, fruit and lots of water, but by the time the evening pops up I'm soooo hungry. I start with a quick nibble of something before dinner, then I eat dinner and then I feel even more hungry! eeek! Now I know that my mind probably isn't in the right place for dieting at the moment. For once in my life I feel comfortable with my size, the bum and thighs that I have always loathed are not so bad anymore. I don't feel like everyone is looking at just me when I go out and clothes shopping is becoming more and more enjoyable. I think my problem is the fear that what happened before when I started dieting will occur again, as I wrote in another TDT blog post I lost around 5 stone, at the beginning I did all the right things, at

February Favourites!

Hi! So the time has come again for my monthly favourites post. I have really enjoyed watching/reading about other people's favourites which has inspired me to do my own posts each month! February was a good month for me, not only was it my birthday and one of the best ones, I also found a new job and got a lot of things done that I never thought I would get finished! My favourite beauty products for February: 1. Maybelline The Rocket Mascara - I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about this one. I was always quite loyal to my Lancome Hypnose but thought I would give another mascara a try. I really needed one for everyday use as I found that the Hypnose was a bit too much for the day. The Maybelline Rocket is great, I find that it really lengthens my lashes without looking over done and I'm quite happy to wear it during the day. Another plus is that it doesn't make my eyelashes so long that they brush against my glasses (if you are a spectacle wearer you will know wha

First Day - OOTD

Hi! This week was my first at my new job so i just wanted to share a quick OOTD with you. I have spent the last two weeks thinking about what I was going to wear, I wanted to look smart and casual until I had sussed out what the 'official dress code' was! I kept my make up very simple and used my MAC foundation, Rimmel Powder, Body Shop Mascara and my trusty Missguided Lipgloss! Much Love N x