Barry M Gel Nail Polish

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 |


I have read quite a few posts about this nail polish so whilst I was in town a few weeks ago I decided to pick up a couple in Superdrug. Oddly enough it was Mr C that picked the colours!

The two that I bought were Blood Orange, which is a lovely red and Lychee, a really pretty neutral colour.

The week after I bought these I sat down one evening and gave myself a nice manicure using the Lychee. The polish went on a bit thin at first but after a second coat it looked really nice.

The next evening I was a little disappointed to see that the tips of my nails were really chipped and by the Saturday (two days later) I had to remove the polish as it looked awful.

Today I have decided to give 'Lychee' another go and use a different top coat and this is the result!

Have you tried any of the other colours and what are your thoughts?

Much Love


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