How does your garden grow!


As much as love beauty and fashion I also wanted to give you an insight into some other of my hobbies!

Now I never used to be into gardening, it was always something that I associated with my dad (a keen gardner) or older people, dont ask why I just never thought that younger people were into it!

Anyway a few years ago we moved and suddenly had a larger garden, the first year I did abosolutley nothing to it. The following year I started a new job which was extremely stressful and to be honest made me miserable most days so I really wanted something to focus on and let off steam when I got home. I took it upon myself to get our garden sorted and soon realised that I absolutley loved it, I would put on my ipod and quite happily potter outside and any stress from that day would soon be forgotten and with a little help from dad it become a place where we could relax and entertain.

Unfortuntly last year I was quite ill so the garden got neglected, not only that but most of our fence fell down in the strong winds we had towards the end of the year. I now have quite a task ahead of me to get it back to some decent state.

I have been doing a course in garden design and planning so I hope that will help me. My aim is to have a lovely colourful garden and somewhere that I can relax with a book on a summers evening!

I still have lots to learn about gardening so I am forever asking my Dad about what I should plant and pouring over Gardeners World Magazine. I am also looking forward to attending Gardeners World Live and the Good Food Show this year, I get to combine my love of gardening and food all in one day!

I will post some pictures of the garden over the next few weeks to show my progress and maybe give you some ideas. If you have any helpful hints let me know!

(The box in the picture was a lovely random gift from my sister!)

Much Love



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