Random Facts About ME!


I have seen this post on quite a few blogs and vlogs and have really enjoyed reading/watching them!

So here are 15 random facts about me!

1. I am 32, my mind feels like its 10 years younger and my body feels 10 years older!

2. I am the youngest of 3. I have an older brother and sister.

3. I can't swim and have a fear of the water so bad I can't walk near a swimming pool. I will be having swimming lessons this year which I hope will help me overcome this!

4. I only started reading blogs and watching youtube since November 2012! Bit of a late starter.

5. I used to be a vegetarian but after meeting my fiance who was a meat eater it drove me crazy making separate meals every evening!

6. I am allergic to Quorn. It was after the 4th time I had eaten it that I realised this.

7. Some fruits make me go a bit funny, I can't eat a raw apple but if its cooked Im fine. Its the same with plums, necterines and cherries!

8. I am AAT Qualified. Only by accident I always wanted to work in HR!

9. I was born in Germany.

10. I name my car She-ra after my favourite cartoon caracter!

11. Im 5ft 3.

12. I can't walk in a heel higher than 2 inches, I have tried but always fail!

13. I have really bad eyes, Im a minus 9 in boths eyes and can't see a thing without my glasses.

14. I am terrified of thunder and lightning and can't be outside during a storm. If I'm at home I always hide under the duvet.

15. I have been engaged for 5 and a half years! I know such a long a time but there is never time to plan a wedding!

Have you done a post like this? If so send me a link and I will have a read!

Much Love



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