TDT Update


First of all apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. Since I started my new job life has become slightly hectic again!

So diet update week 2,3,4....I have been up and down with the diet, during the day I have been super good, salads, fruit and lots of water, but by the time the evening pops up I'm soooo hungry. I start with a quick nibble of something before dinner, then I eat dinner and then I feel even more hungry! eeek!

Now I know that my mind probably isn't in the right place for dieting at the moment. For once in my life I feel comfortable with my size, the bum and thighs that I have always loathed are not so bad anymore. I don't feel like everyone is looking at just me when I go out and clothes shopping is becoming more and more enjoyable. I think my problem is the fear that what happened before when I started dieting will occur again, as I wrote in another TDT blog post I lost around 5 stone, at the beginning I did all the right things, ate well and exercised 3 times a week. By the time I got near to the 4 stone off mark I was exercising twice a day, taking a couple of laxatives if I put on half a pound, weighing myself everyday and almost starving myself some days. I don't want to go back to that again, I loved being able to shop in lots of different places for clothes but most days I was miserable, all I was doing was changing myself to fit in with society and for once not to feel the outcast.

I do need to lose some weight, I don't think that I will be as slim as I was before and now I realise that I must do it for my health rather than being ashamed of being a plus size. I am going to embrace the curves that I have and just make them slightly more healthier!

Do you feel pressured to lose weight?

Much Love



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