TDT - Update


Well this week has been the hardest of my diet so far! Not only did I have a super busy week but it was also period time :o(

I knew it was going to be tough as I already had cravings for chocolate on the monday. Now in my mind the best way to cure this is to have some choc, for me personally I find that if I don't have a little of what I fancy I just end up binging on the said item and then I get angry at myself for doing it.

I still managed to eat my fruit and salads all week but when I did have a craving I had a 2 finger kit kat in the afternoon and that was enought to satisfy my craving. My other favourite sweet to have on an evening is a shape chocolate pudding on top of a couple of rich tea biscuits! Sounds strange but tastes lovely...really it does!

Even with all this I lost 1.5lbs which I am pleased with.  I'm happy if I lose a 1/2lb so anything more is a bonus.

Much Love



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