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How does your garden grow

Hi! Well it finally seems like spring has arrived, this weekend has been lovely but I was still too ill to go out and enjoy the sunshine. I have finally started to think about what to do to the garden this year. It won't be anything major as at the moment we are constanly umming and ahhing about moving! As it's quite late in the year already I will have to rely on a few shop bought plants, this isn't a bad thing though. I always go to the back of Homebase etc to check out the almost about to drop dead plants which saves a lot of money. I did this back in 2011 and the garden was gorgeous. If you give the plants some serious TLC they will last for quite a while. Another cost saving tip I use is to go to car boots and pick up plants that people have grown themselves, I find that this saves a lot of money and, if you are lucky enough, the people selling are sometimes happy to offer advice on how to look the said plant! My final tip is to find out if your family are gr


Hi! When I first started this blog I had no idea whether I wanted to be a plussize blogger, a beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger..etc. I kept deleting posts, wondering if I was posting enough of one thing and not another. I love beauty and have so many lip glosses I could open a shop with them, but I didn't know if that could be the only thing I could write about. I feel like sometimes I could be in the lifestyle category as I do enjoy writing about other interests in my life. Now when I discovered that there is a Plus Size Blogger category I thought yes that's where I fit in, finally somewhere where I hopefully wouldn't feel like an outsider! I never thought that I would be able to share my passion for fashion being a size 20+ without it being frowned upon, unfortunately there are people out there that think if you are bigger than a 12 you are fat and almost a freak. Since discovering the psblogger chat on twitter my sunday nights are no longer full of doom and gloom. I


Hi!   Earlier this year I watched a video from Gemsmaquillage about creating a Jar of Happiness. I had never heard this idea before so I thought I would give it a go this year.   I wish I had known about this in January 2012. Last year was really difficult for both myself and my partner. I was ill from March - December and lots of other things happened which has made me almost want to erase the whole year from my memory. After watching the video I started my own box ( I didn't have a jar!) and I am so pleased that I did. If we have had a nice day or night we write a little note and pop it in the box! I also put in any pictures, cinema tickets, restaurant receipts and birthday cards! Anything really that reminds me of a good time.   It makes me sad think that most of the memories that I had from last year are mainly negative so this year I don't want that to happen, at any point when I'm feeling miserable or just a bit down I open up the box have a little loo

Mind the Gap!

Hi! A few weeks ago on PS Blogger Chat on twitter we were chatting about our favourite shops, I said the usual suspects, new look, forever 21 but I forgot about my favourite...GAP! Even though I am a plus size I love this store. Unfortunately I can't wear any of the jeans as, thanks to my Caribbean heritage, my bum and thighs are slightly on the more generous size, in other words I have a lot of junk in my trunk! Here's a little pic of all my gap t-shirts, I love them because they fit well and last for ages. One of the T-shirts in my collection is about 10 years old and still going strong (the pink and white one at the front). I also love their cardigans, jumpers and shirts. Even with a larger bust size I find that the shirts don't gape open or like one of my other shirts from another shop, pop open whilst at work! I will be doing some more posts over the next few weeks on how I style these pieces from Gap. So what I'm trying to say really is that if you

Smelling Good!

Hi! So this might be a bit of a strange post to write, normally I see people doing post's/videos on their perfume collection not about body sprays! I love impulse sprays they always take me back to my teenage years spritzing it on before going to school, another splash at lunchtime and then a final sneaky one mid afternoon, it was hard work trying to smell sweet whilst chasing after the boys! Now my only bad memory from wearing one of the sprays was after one PE lesson I was rather heavy handed with the the bottle and put on a liberal amount on my neck promptly stepped outside and got stung by a wasp on my throat..ouchhh! My afternoon was spent in the medical room with a really sore neck! Needless to say to this day i never spritz perfume or body spray near my throat...lesson learnt! I normally use the sprays at the weekend as I find perfume a bit heavy for lounging around the house or if I'm popping into town. Here's a little picture of all my collection, my favo

Weekend away

Hi! I love nothing more than a weekend away with Mr C. There is so much of the UK that we would like to visit so this year we are going to try and go on a few 1/2 night breaks in places we have never been before. Easter weekend was our first chance to escape, so on a whim a few nights before we decided to go to Portsmouth. I had heard that it was lovely and that the shopping was excellent, which for me was a good enough excuse for a visit! Friday was pretty much a chilled out day, we had a (very) quick walk along the seafront. The sun we saw when we left home had pretty much disappeared and was replaced by a bitterly cold wind! In the evening we went to a wonderful little restaurant called ABarBistro, the most delicious 3 course meal was eaten over warm intimate atmosphere coupled with a few drinks. The climb up the 6 flights of stairs at the hotel seemed like I was attempting Everest! Saturday was an early start (no hangover I might add!) with a healthy breakfast followed by a

TDT Week 6

Hi!   Hmm well what do I say this week other than EPIC FAIL!   So there was no dieting at all last week, I didn't even try I'm ashamed to say. I stood on the scales and visibly winced as they showed that I had gained 2lbs. The good thing is that I didn't get too upset over it, I'm just going to take it as a bit of a fail and re-start next week.   Anyway, I am starting to realise that I have to do some excerise to get the weight loss going a bit more. I'm no gym bunny so this is going to be quite hard. I don't want to push myself too hard at first as I know that I will get sore and achy and then give up!   Looking through our rather vast DVD collection, I have decided to dust off an old favourite of mine, Billy Blanks Tae Bo. This is quite old, I can remember doing this about 8 years ago in the living room at home! The results from it, if I remember correctly, were really good. My arms and legs toned up nicely and I got a good cardio workout. I a

Being Brave??

Hi! So last week I thought that I would take a break from the norm and wear something a little different. When I lost a lot of weight a few years ago I finally felt confident enough to wear dresses and skirts, I practically wore them every day even in the winter. For the first time ever I think that I had more than skirts than trousers. Since I gained a lot of the weight back I also lost a lot of confidence and almost become paranoid about showing my legs in a skirt or a dress. I had it in my head that if I dare to wear a dress that everyone would be laughing at me and that I would look like a walking sack of potatoes. The picture on my blogger profile was taken about 4/5 years when I was still feeling confident enough to wear a dress. Last Thursday was a really nice day here so I plucked up the courage to wear a dress! The one I choose I had purchased last year from Forever 21. I took a risk as I bought it online so I had no idea how long it would be or how would fit across my

Evening Beauty Routine

Hi! Since starting my new job 4 weeks ago I have really got back into wearing a bit of make up every day. Prior to this I had been at home for 4 months and had been quite ill for part of it, so putting on any make up apart from lip balm was the last thing on my mind. To be honest, my skincare routine just went out the window! After wearing foundation, mascara etc all day I have got back into the habit of having a good evening skincare routine. As my skin is quite oily I find that by the end of the day (18.00pm for me!) I'm ready to take my make up off and get that squeaky clean feeling! I always use the face wipes first to take off mascara and most of my foundation, then I use a hot polish cleanser which I find removes everything else. After that it's a quick swipe of Johnson's toner, I use this because I find that it stops my skin feeling oily at night. I don't really use a moisturiser at night so I just pop a pit of Vaseline on my lips and I'm done!  

My fav tops!

Hi! Last week on PS Blogger Chat we were asked what our favourite item in our wardrobe was. This was quite difficult for me as I like a lot of stuff in my wardrobe! Currently my favourite item is the shell tulip top from new look. I purchased one in royal blue at first and totally fell in love with it, the fit is very flattering and I find that I can change it up with different accesories and bottoms. Recently I went on the new look website and in the sale I managed to get one in a hot pink and black. I can not stop wearing them, these two colours I adore and they are great for work or for an evening outfit. Here I've shown a couple of ways that I style the tops. I could probably do quite a few more looks as I have loads more accesories that would go with these tops.     Much Love   N x


Hi! Just a quick OOTD from this weekend. Yesterday was lovely and sunny here so we decided to go for a random day out. I even managed to forego my winter jacket!   The jacket is one that I bought last year from Asda. I hadn't worn it for ages as it was difficult to find stuff to go with it, but when I pulled it out of the wardrobe yesterday I thought it went perfectly with my jeans!   I have a plain white shirt underneath from Forever 21, its a very light cotton so went well underneath the jacket which is quite thick.   The scarf is a recent purchase from Primark and once again my trusty old jeans from New Look completed the outfit.   Oh and I didn't wear these shoes, I just popped on a pair to take the photo, but I was wearing a pair of black pumps from Primark.   Hope you all had a lovely weekend!   Much Love   N x


Hi This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment. The grey cardigan is from primark. It's such a gorgeous grey colour and ever so comfortable! My only wish was that I had got it in a smaller size as the 20 is actually quite big on me. I love to wear it with one my favourite scarves which is a grey and pink infinity one from Gap. In practically all of my outfits you will notice that I am wearing dark blue or black jeans, a staple in my wardrobe! I get my jeans from new look as they fit the best. I have recently purchased a pair from Yours which are more like a boyfriend jean fit and a faded denim colour so I can't wait to do some OOTD wearing those for a change! The belt came with the cardigan, the vest top is from dorothy perkins and my silver bangle is from Beaverbrooks. Much Love N x

TDT! Week 5

Hi! So this won't be much of an update this time as I didn't weigh myself last week. I was just too afraid to get on those pesky scales after eating a few too many choccy bars before and over easter! I feel like I have lost some motivation this week, the only reason I can think of is that I have been shopping (a lot) recently and found some lovely pieces which fit well and make me feel good so I feel the need to get some wear out of them before I lose too much weight, well that is the logic that I have in my crazy old head! Also over the easter weekend I ended up catching a horrible cold, for some reason when I have a cold I just want to eat junk, nothing healthy like I should be. I hope that anyone reading this isn't expecting diet and excecise tips each week...I'm just being honest and open about my diet which I have to admit is a struggle, I enjoy eating food and am not overly fond of doing copious amounts of exercise. Speaking of exercise rise this weekend

I can't walk in high heels.

Hi! On my blog I have noticed that I have written a fair few beauty related posts so I thought today I would have a bit of a change and write about one my favourites past times.....reading! The other week whilst I was doing my early spring clean I found a book that I had been given as present and had only half read. It's called 'How to Walk in High Heels'. At first when I saw the book I thought to myself that it was going to be of no use to me what so ever as I am one of those people who prefer flats to heels but actually this book has been so helpful on many occasions. I will do a few post about this book as there is quite a lot to cover. I will let you know how its helped me and what sort of things are in it. If you have read it let me know what you think! Much Love N x