Being Brave??


So last week I thought that I would take a break from the norm and wear something a little different.

When I lost a lot of weight a few years ago I finally felt confident enough to wear dresses and skirts, I practically wore them every day even in the winter. For the first time ever I think that I had more than skirts than trousers.

Since I gained a lot of the weight back I also lost a lot of confidence and almost become paranoid about showing my legs in a skirt or a dress. I had it in my head that if I dare to wear a dress that everyone would be laughing at me and that I would look like a walking sack of potatoes. The picture on my blogger profile was taken about 4/5 years when I was still feeling confident enough to wear a dress.

Last Thursday was a really nice day here so I plucked up the courage to wear a dress! The one I choose I had purchased last year from Forever 21. I took a risk as I bought it online so I had no idea how long it would be or how would fit across my waist and hips. The risk paid off though as its a gorgeous dress, I teamed it with the gold belt as its quite loose around my waist and little black cardigan (from Gap) as I'm not a great lover of showing my arms! I had to add some thick black tights as even though the sun was shining it was still a little chilly!

Here is the result!

Much Love



  1. Looking good! The dress is lovely and the belt is really pretty. x x


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