Evening Beauty Routine


Since starting my new job 4 weeks ago I have really got back into wearing a bit of make up every day. Prior to this I had been at home for 4 months and had been quite ill for part of it, so putting on any make up apart from lip balm was the last thing on my mind. To be honest, my skincare routine just went out the window!

After wearing foundation, mascara etc all day I have got back into the habit of having a good evening skincare routine. As my skin is quite oily I find that by the end of the day (18.00pm for me!) I'm ready to take my make up off and get that squeaky clean feeling!

I always use the face wipes first to take off mascara and most of my foundation, then I use a hot polish cleanser which I find removes everything else. After that it's a quick swipe of Johnson's toner, I use this because I find that it stops my skin feeling oily at night. I don't really use a moisturiser at night so I just pop a pit of Vaseline on my lips and I'm done!


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