How does your garden grow


Well it finally seems like spring has arrived, this weekend has been lovely but I was still too ill to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

I have finally started to think about what to do to the garden this year. It won't be anything major as at the moment we are constanly umming and ahhing about moving!

As it's quite late in the year already I will have to rely on a few shop bought plants, this isn't a bad thing though. I always go to the back of Homebase etc to check out the almost about to drop dead plants which saves a lot of money. I did this back in 2011 and the garden was gorgeous. If you give the plants some serious TLC they will last for quite a while.

Another cost saving tip I use is to go to car boots and pick up plants that people have grown themselves, I find that this saves a lot of money and, if you are lucky enough, the people selling are sometimes happy to offer advice on how to look the said plant!

My final tip is to find out if your family are growing anything. My dad loves growing marigolds and always has a few to spare. They are great bedding plants and I love the african marigolds as they add a perfect splash of colour.

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