Earlier this year I watched a video from Gemsmaquillage about creating a Jar of Happiness. I had never heard this idea before so I thought I would give it a go this year.
I wish I had known about this in January 2012. Last year was really difficult for both myself and my partner. I was ill from March - December and lots of other things happened which has made me almost want to erase the whole year from my memory.

After watching the video I started my own box ( I didn't have a jar!) and I am so pleased that I did. If we have had a nice day or night we write a little note and pop it in the box! I also put in any pictures, cinema tickets, restaurant receipts and birthday cards! Anything really that reminds me of a good time.
It makes me sad think that most of the memories that I had from last year are mainly negative so this year I don't want that to happen, at any point when I'm feeling miserable or just a bit down I open up the box have a little look through and then I realise how lucky I am and things are not so bad after all!
My box is just one of those storage boxes from ikea, a bit boring at the moment, so I might have to get a bit crafty and jazz it up a smidge!
Have you got your own memory box?

Much Love



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