Just a quick OOTD from this weekend.

Yesterday was lovely and sunny here so we decided to go for a random day out. I even managed to forego my winter jacket!

The jacket is one that I bought last year from Asda. I hadn't worn it for ages as it was difficult to find stuff to go with it, but when I pulled it out of the wardrobe yesterday I thought it went perfectly with my jeans!
I have a plain white shirt underneath from Forever 21, its a very light cotton so went well underneath the jacket which is quite thick.
The scarf is a recent purchase from Primark and once again my trusty old jeans from New Look completed the outfit.
Oh and I didn't wear these shoes, I just popped on a pair to take the photo, but I was wearing a pair of black pumps from Primark.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Much Love


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