Smelling Good!


So this might be a bit of a strange post to write, normally I see people doing post's/videos on their perfume collection not about body sprays!

I love impulse sprays they always take me back to my teenage years spritzing it on before going to school, another splash at lunchtime and then a final sneaky one mid afternoon, it was hard work trying to smell sweet whilst chasing after the boys!

Now my only bad memory from wearing one of the sprays was after one PE lesson I was rather heavy handed with the the bottle and put on a liberal amount on my neck promptly stepped outside and got stung by a wasp on my throat..ouchhh! My afternoon was spent in the medical room with a really sore neck! Needless to say to this day i never spritz perfume or body spray near my throat...lesson learnt!

I normally use the sprays at the weekend as I find perfume a bit heavy for lounging around the house or if I'm popping into town.

Here's a little picture of all my collection, my favourite at the moment is 'Into Glamour'.

Much Love


Oh I just want to say that I purchased all of these myself!


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