TDT! Week 5


So this won't be much of an update this time as I didn't weigh myself last week. I was just too afraid to get on those pesky scales after eating a few too many choccy bars before and over easter!

I feel like I have lost some motivation this week, the only reason I can think of is that I have been shopping (a lot) recently and found some lovely pieces which fit well and make me feel good so I feel the need to get some wear out of them before I lose too much weight, well that is the logic that I have in my crazy old head!

Also over the easter weekend I ended up catching a horrible cold, for some reason when I have a cold I just want to eat junk, nothing healthy like I should be.

I hope that anyone reading this isn't expecting diet and excecise tips each week...I'm just being honest and open about my diet which I have to admit is a struggle, I enjoy eating food and am not overly fond of doing copious amounts of exercise.

Speaking of exercise rise this weekend we went away and the wonderful hotel that we stayed at put us on the TOP FLOOR, what were they thinking, did they secretly know that we were two fatties in need of shaping up! I was just thankful that the owner didn't make too much chit chat once we had got to the top as I could barely breathe let alone string a sentence together!

Let's hope next week is a little more positive!

Much Love



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