TDT Week 6

Hmm well what do I say this week other than EPIC FAIL!
So there was no dieting at all last week, I didn't even try I'm ashamed to say. I stood on the scales and visibly winced as they showed that I had gained 2lbs. The good thing is that I didn't get too upset over it, I'm just going to take it as a bit of a fail and re-start next week.
Anyway, I am starting to realise that I have to do some excerise to get the weight loss going a bit more. I'm no gym bunny so this is going to be quite hard. I don't want to push myself too hard at first as I know that I will get sore and achy and then give up!
Looking through our rather vast DVD collection, I have decided to dust off an old favourite of mine, Billy Blanks Tae Bo. This is quite old, I can remember doing this about 8 years ago in the living room at home! The results from it, if I remember correctly, were really good. My arms and legs toned up nicely and I got a good cardio workout. I also find that it's a good way of reliveing stress!
Hopefully my new workout clothes that I purchased in Portsmouth will give me some motivation!
Now I need to find some time to fit it in, can I get myself out of bed at 6.00am a few mornings next week to do it?? Hmm we'll wait and see
Much Love


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