Weekend away


I love nothing more than a weekend away with Mr C. There is so much of the UK that we would like to visit so this year we are going to try and go on a few 1/2 night breaks in places we have never been before.

Easter weekend was our first chance to escape, so on a whim a few nights before we decided to go to Portsmouth. I had heard that it was lovely and that the shopping was excellent, which for me was a good enough excuse for a visit!

Friday was pretty much a chilled out day, we had a (very) quick walk along the seafront. The sun we saw when we left home had pretty much disappeared and was replaced by a bitterly cold wind! In the evening we went to a wonderful little restaurant called ABarBistro, the most delicious 3 course meal was eaten over warm intimate atmosphere coupled with a few drinks. The climb up the 6 flights of stairs at the hotel seemed like I was attempting Everest!

Saturday was an early start (no hangover I might add!) with a healthy breakfast followed by a trip to the Gunwharf Quays. There was such a good selection of shops here I knew that the old bank account would take a battering, luckily Mr C didn't mind and I shopped till I dropped! After 4 hours of shopping (and a look at some of the boats) we headed to Fire and Stone where 2 good sized pizzas (and wine for myself and a healthy smoothie for Mr C!) were quickly devoured. Once back at the hotel a nice afternoon siesta was required!

Sunday was the long trip back home but not before another stop at the sea front. This time the sun was out and the wind had eased so we walked along the beach, had a quick go in the arcades and then I had my first ever game of crazy golf, so much fun! A few hours later we were home tired but happy!

Here's a few pics from the weekend

Much Love


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