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Busy Bee and lost pounds!

Hi! I'm still here! Sorry for the lack of posts, it was one of those weeks in the month where time just flies by and extra hours in the day would have been gratefully received! As you read on my post 2 weeks ago I started my weight loss journey. My first week was a bit of a disaster with regards to eating healthy, I made the mistake of making some cupcakes for Valentines day. I succeeded in not licking the bowl clean of batter but failed by eating 3 of the cakes as soon as they came out of the oven...whoops! When I got on the scales I had prepared myself for the worst, ready to cry and vow to be good the next day but it was a pleasant surprise to see that I was 4.5lbs lighter! Ha Ha a miracle! The only reason I can think for this was that apart from the cakes and a nice meal on Valentines most of the time I didn't really eat much as I was so busy running around doing stuff. As its Thursday today I will be weighing myself later to see how I have done this week. I have been

Sunny Sunday

Hi! On sunday Mr C decided that he wanted to go for a sunday roast. We ended up, once again, quite far from where we live at The Bell in Stoke Mandeville. This was the second best roast that I have ever had, nothing beats mum's home roasts! For starters we had a selection of breads, salted butter, sun dried tomates, rabbit and chicken terrine and spiced pear chutney. The I had a a pork roast and Mr C had the lamb. There was definately no room for puddings after all this! This is what I wore, even though it was sunny the wind was still a bit chilly so I wore this lightweight Gap jacket that I got last year along with the a white shirt from Gap, Jeans from New Look   available here , scarf from Primark, flatforms from New Look and one of my favourite bags from Mulberry. Much love  N X

PS Blogger Chat

Hi! On Sunday unfortunately I missed PS bloggers chat, I was too busy dabbing away at Bingo! I managed to win £50 so all was not lost! I caught the end of the chat around 21.55 just as we were leaving and then I lost all 3G connection, I saw that the subject was 'to blog or not to blog - pros and cons'. Well for me there are plenty of pros of blogging: 1. It's become a hobby for me now, I've never really had a hobby before unless you can call shopping one and its one that I have stuck to for more than a month and really enjoy! 2. I have met some really lovely ladies! As I have said in one of my previous posts, none of my friends are a plus size so I have always struggled to find people to talk to about the perils of finding nice clothes that fit! 3. It has given me confidence back. Last year was really tough for me, by the beginning of December I had almost given up on myself and had taken to living in my trackie bottoms and t-shirts. The first blog that I e

Work outfits

Hi! I have put together a few pictures of the outfits I wore to work, this was a couple of weeks ago when it was hot, I even managed to wear a skirt, it was mid length as that is as much leg I allow myself to show at work for the moment, I was wearing tights but it was so warm in the office I took them off! Outfit 1 Skirt - Sainsburys Cardigan - Gap White vest - Primark Belt - New Look Shoes - Primark     Outfit 2 Top - Primark  Black vest top - Primark Trousers - New Look I had a cardigan on with this at work as I'm not keen showing the tops of my arms!   Outfit 3 Jumper - Gap White vest - Gap Trousers - Tesco Jewellery - Primark   Outfit 4  Cardigan - Gap Shirt - New Look White vest - Primark Trousers - New Look   Much love  N X

F21 Haul

Hi! I went online a few days ago and ordered a couple of things from F21, which has now fast become my favourite (online) shop! The dress is for our yet to be booked holiday, I normally would stick to black or white but I just loved this combination of colours. I think I need to buy a pair of shoes to go with it though! I also got this cardigan which I had been mulling over for a few weeks. This will mainly be for work. I will wear it with black trousers, black vest top and maybe some gold accessories. Last but not least I purchased my first pair of leggings! I have been getting really miffed with wearing tights and getting holes in them all the time plus I have seen lots of dresses over leggings and i think it looks really nice. Much Love N x

Out with the old?

Hi! On Saturday we decided to get the suitcases out of the attic ready for holiday. I also have another case which I have been storing the 'I will get back into these one day' clothes. After searching through it I found one item that fitted me, I was a little disappointed as some of the items I hadn't worn for long. Now, the funny thing about this is that some of items are 7-8 years old, all in great condition but they were all from when I got to my slimmest. I kept saying to myself over and over again that I will get back into theses clothes but yesterday there was just a turning point, I could hold onto these for another 3-4 years or get rid of them and get some new ones and embrace my body as it is now!  The clothes also had some bad memories for me, to get into some of them I dieted to the extreme, slimming pills, laxatives, insane gym sessions and starving myself most days. I was also with my ex boyfriend at the time and one outfit I looked at reminded

How does your garden grow!

Hi! Well another sad week on the gardening front, all this rain is stopping me from doing anything, aghhh! I managed to get the grass cut on the bank holiday Monday, but unfortunately our strimmer has broken so we have short grass and the edges are super long!  We also found the robins nest in our shed, it was in the top corner and we only realised this because the robin flew out whilst Mr C was getting the lawn mower out!  We have left the nest where it is at the moment, it's not in the way of anything we are using so lets see what happens!  I'm doing a little display stand in the garden, I'm hoping the weather will be nice in the week and I will pop some pictures up. Much love N X

New Dresses?

Hi! So after quite a few years of not wearing dresses or skirts I have decided to start wearing them again as I have seen so many nice ones around! Here are some of my favourites and I might purchase one or two if the weather improves!  All from Forever 21 Plus Size range Much love N X


Hi! So another crazy week of dieting, I lost 3/4lb, not great but at least it is better than nothing I keep telling myself! We also made it to the.....gym! I even donned my new swimming costume, this wasn't before I was almost in tears, I am super self conscious about my thighs, it also doesn't help when I overheard two woman talking about how fat they are so I peeked around the corner and oh would you believe it they were both about a size 8/10!  Mr C was with me, I wish I had his attitude, he doesn't care about his wobbly belly at all! I hope that we can make it swimming and in the gym once next week!  Much love  N X

New Jewels

Hi! When I went to get my nails done I also picked up some new pieces of jewellery. I can never resist as I always know jewellery is one of the items that will always fit me no matter if I get bigger or smaller! First of all I got these two lovely bracelets, there were a few other colours but I picked these two because I thought that they would go with a lot of stuff in my wardrobe. I also got this bracelet, it just caught my eye with the unusual design and its also magnetic. There was also a matching necklace which I may have to purchase on my next visit! Last of all I got this necklace, I have thought of plenty of outfits that this will go with already!       Does anyone else have a love for jewellery?   Much Love   N x

Massage for two!

Hi! For the past few weeks myself and Mr C had been suffering from sore backs and tight shoulders, a combination of sleeping awkwardly, bad posture at work and for me carrying too many shopping bags!..tut tut to us! I managed to get us booked into our local spa one Saturday and luckily we could have them both at the same time. Half an hour later we came out feeling refreshed and relaxed. I used to suffer from a bad back, almost to the point where I was walking around hunched over. A few sessions of Physio saved me so to make sure I never get back to that point I like to have a massage. The room that I was in was absolutely gorgeous and here are a few pics! We couldn't be in the same room but Mr C was next door which was good enough for me! Much love N X

April Favourites

Hi! I completley forgot to do a March Favourites so here are my April Favourites. Micheal Kors Bag - I love this bag, Mr C bought for me at Christmas last year. I didn't really use it until the beginning of March as I was too afraid to get it dirty!  It's a great size and fits all my daily rubbish that I need in it without feeling like the zip is going to burst! Johnsons Clean and Clear Face Washes - I picked these up mid April from Superdrug whilst they were on offer. Now I know that I have quite a few other facewashes but I'm always a sucker for any new ones that come out! I'm really pleased with these ones, the green coloured one smells of lime and really does the job of keeping my skin oil free during the day. The yellow one is more of a scrub/wash and makes my skin feel completely refreshed and I am totally convinced that it looks brighter afterwards too! MUA Undress me Too Pallette - I purchased this from Superdrug way back in February time but only used i

How does your garden grow!

Hi! So I'm still to make a start on the garden agghhh! The weather and illness has set me back quite a bit. This year I am thinking that I will have to rely on some plants from my dad, a few shop bought plants and some quick flowering seeds! Last Thursday the sun came out so I was just casually looking out in the garden, seeing what is starting to bloom, when out the corner of my eye I see a little robin. How lovely I thought, until on closer inspection I noticed that it had some dried grass in its mouth and was promptly heading towards our we have yet to go in the shed, and I have no idea what we will find or if there is something what we are going to do with it! Hopefully on my next post I will have made a start on the garden, possibly cutting the grass so we can see the garden! Much Love N x

Pamper Time.

Hi! Today I had an appointment to have my nails done. I go to a lovely lady called Pippa who has a salon 5 minutes away from me, its small but filled with lots of beauty goodies and she also sells jewellery! Every time I go Mr C has a slight panic as he knows that I will come out with a bag full of stuff, my nails always end up costing me twice as much! I rarely wear nail polish as I find no matter what top coat I use my nails always end up chipped after 2 days :o(. I used to have calgels put on at least once a month but when I was ill last year I also developed anaemia which meant that my nails kept breaking off and in the end I had to stop having the manicures. Since having a good old blood transfusion, and copious amounts of iron tablets, my nails seem to be back to normal and even slightly stronger! Here is the colour that I went for today, red with a slight sparkle in it. To maintain them I just keep my cuticles moisturised and keep away from any strong cleaners i.e wear

Flash the flesh!

When a group of bloggers join together for a chat you know that the final result has to be super! So this happened once more when a few days ago we were talking about our prefences between mini and maxi and Becky thought that it would be great to create a challenge where the goal was to show a little but more skin and our body(but with style and no vulgarity) showing proudly our curves. And so 'flash the flesh' was born! I went outside because a few weeks ago I went out in a dress with tights and some random man decided to shout out that I had fat legs! Since then I have been feeling slightly self conscious about my legs so when the idea of flash the flash came up I thought why not step outside, flash my little 'fat' legs and get my confidence back! It was quite difficult today as it was so windy but here are my pics (and please excuse my wind swept hair!) and I had to put my jacket on after coming out because it was a little chilly! Here are the links to the oth

Fashion Flashback!

Hi! A few weeks ago I was looking at some old pictures and decided to a few posts on some of my favourite outfit from the past year or so. The first selections is from a holiday that we had in Tunisia at the end of 2011. We had a wonderful time, a last minute decision which worked out well! As we went quite late in the year, we were told that it would be nice and hot during the day (which it was) and quite a bit cooler in the evening. It was very much swimsuit in the day and longer skirts and cropped trousers in the evening! Excuse the random posing, some of these were taken after evening cocktails! Much Love N x

A bit of Gok..

Hi Last weekend whilst we were out and about we had a quick stop in sainsburys. I had been told that this Sainsburys we were in had quite a good range of clothes so I thought it would be rude not to stop and take a peek! After setting Mr C off to locate the items that we needed I wandered over to the clothing section. I used to get quite a lot of clothes from here but in the past year or so I hadn't really purchased anything as I felt it had become, dare I say, boring?! Anyway a quick look at the gok wan range soon changed my mind. There were a lot of really lovely pieces and quite a few things caught my eye. This black dress was on the sale rack, I was a bit hesisitant at first, mainly because I'm still trying to build my confidence up to wear dresses! I tried it quickly as it was getting quite late and it fitted perfectly! It's quite a thick fabric with lining underneath but it seemed to smooth out all my lumps and bumps and slightly covered up my knock knee

Sunny OOTD

Hi! On Sunday it was such a lovely day so I made a nice change from wearing my usual jeans and opted for something a little more lighter and cooler as it was so warm. I wore this to potter around a car boot where I managed to pick up some nice bits! Orange Ruffle Top - Forever 21 White Vest Top - Primark Cardigan - New Look Trousers - New Look Shoes - Primark Hope you all enjoyed the good weather! Much Love N x

Saturday Night!

Hi! On Saturday night I went out for dinner and drinks. I had spent all week panicking about what I was going to be wearing especially as I knew that some of the lovely people that I was going with were getting new outfits! I had a quick look on ASOS Curve on Friday and saw three gorgeous dresses, so I placed an order for all of them for delivery on Saturday. So the next morning I get an email saying that my delivery had dispatched *cue a little excited dance*. When, on Saturday, 4pm came and there was still no sign of my delivery I got a little annoyed shall we say, so I sent ASOS help a quick tweet and they got back to me to let me know my order will be here before the 2nd May.....I had only gone and clicked on standard delivery instead of next day! Silly me!!! Anyway, luckily I had my trusty old black dress that I got from Yours. I love the cut and feel of the dress and it's so comfortable to wear! Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for my lovely shoes, they we

Weekend OOTD!

Hi! Just a quick post today! I had forgotten that I took an OOTD picture whilst I was in Portsmouth. I wore this on the way down as I wanted something comfy but still fairly smart /casual. The cardigan is from Gap, scarf from F21, jeans Yours Clothing and my shoes are from Sainsburys! I ended up putting another cardigan over this by the afternoon as it was soooo cold walking by the seafront! Much Love N x


Hi! So first of all apologies for not doing a proper TDT update last week, I was a bit poorly and was on a course of antibiotics and penicillin for a week which made me feel quite rubbish! At the weekend we decided that we really want to go on holiday this year, just a week relaxing by a pool in the sun. This has now become my new motivation to lose some weight, now I know that I won't losing a humongous amount but I'm aiming for around 7lbs or more if I get my bubble butt in gear! I want to lose a little so that I don't have to buy too many new clothes and could recycle some from our last holiday which will no doubt please Mr C and his wallet! We also have 1 month left at our gym before our membership comes to an end so we are going to TRY and go as much as this space! Much Love N x


Hi! Last Friday was a bit of a miserable day for me, I had to go to the eye hospital for some tests. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to have those horrible eye drops but unfortuantly I did. Even though I could barly see when we got outside I suggested to my mum that perhaps we could go to the bigger Asda where there is also conveniently a Primark next door! Even though I had to wear sunglasses for a few hours afterwards, I was still determind to go shopping! I did get some funny looks in the store but I didn't care as I was there to shop! I really only wanted some tights, but if you are like me, then a visit to Primark usually ends up with me carrying out a rather large bag! I got the tights but along with them I also got some shoes, the ones with the gold tips were a bargin at £3 and the black pair were £6. The only other thing that I got was another...DRESS! eeek! I'm not sure what has happened to me, since I decided to be brave again I have seen so many