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Last weekend whilst we were out and about we had a quick stop in sainsburys.

I had been told that this Sainsburys we were in had quite a good range of clothes so I thought it would be rude not to stop and take a peek!

After setting Mr C off to locate the items that we needed I wandered over to the clothing section.

I used to get quite a lot of clothes from here but in the past year or so I hadn't really purchased anything as I felt it had become, dare I say, boring?! Anyway a quick look at the gok wan range soon changed my mind.

There were a lot of really lovely pieces and quite a few things caught my eye.

This black dress was on the sale rack, I was a bit hesisitant at first, mainly because I'm still trying to build my confidence up to wear dresses!

I tried it quickly as it was getting quite late and it fitted perfectly! It's quite a thick fabric with lining underneath but it seemed to smooth out all my lumps and bumps and slightly covered up my knock knees!

The other item which I couldn't stop looking at was this peplum top. I went for the green as I wanted to step away from my usual go to colour of black.

I'm really please with both items and, when payday comes around again, I will go back to check out more of the clothes and maybe get some groceries too!

Much Love



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