Out with the old?


On Saturday we decided to get the suitcases out of the attic ready for holiday. I also have another case which I have been storing the 'I will get back into these one day' clothes.

After searching through it I found one item that fitted me, I was a little disappointed as some of the items I hadn't worn for long.

Now, the funny thing about this is that some of items are 7-8 years old, all in great condition but they were all from when I got to my slimmest. I kept saying to myself over and over again that I will get back into theses clothes but yesterday there was just a turning point, I could hold onto these for another 3-4 years or get rid of them and get some new ones and embrace my body as it is now! 

The clothes also had some bad memories for me, to get into some of them I dieted to the extreme, slimming pills, laxatives, insane gym sessions and starving myself most days. I was also with my ex boyfriend at the time and one outfit I looked at reminded me of the time that he turned to me and said 'you are a big girl aren't you' ! 

So it's time to say goodbye to my lovely outfits and replace them with new ones and happy memories!

Do you have any items of clothes that you can't let go of? 

Much love



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