Pamper Time.


Today I had an appointment to have my nails done. I go to a lovely lady called Pippa who has a salon 5 minutes away from me, its small but filled with lots of beauty goodies and she also sells jewellery! Every time I go Mr C has a slight panic as he knows that I will come out with a bag full of stuff, my nails always end up costing me twice as much!

I rarely wear nail polish as I find no matter what top coat I use my nails always end up chipped after 2 days :o(.

I used to have calgels put on at least once a month but when I was ill last year I also developed anaemia which meant that my nails kept breaking off and in the end I had to stop having the manicures. Since having a good old blood transfusion, and copious amounts of iron tablets, my nails seem to be back to normal and even slightly stronger!

Here is the colour that I went for today, red with a slight sparkle in it. To maintain them I just keep my cuticles moisturised and keep away from any strong cleaners i.e wear some marigolds!

I'll be back in 3 weeks with a new colour!

Much Love



  1. Nails are fab colour, the little bit of sparkle adds a touch of opulence and sparkle. When I had mine done i couldn't stop staring at them lol. You look fab in your dress, loving the colour and well done you for showing your legs, mine are remaining firmly behind trousers and jeans for as long as I can get away with it. I'm not ready to unleash my chaffing thighs just yet ;-)


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