Last Friday was a bit of a miserable day for me, I had to go to the eye hospital for some tests. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to have those horrible eye drops but unfortuantly I did.

Even though I could barly see when we got outside I suggested to my mum that perhaps we could go to the bigger Asda where there is also conveniently a Primark next door!

Even though I had to wear sunglasses for a few hours afterwards, I was still determind to go shopping! I did get some funny looks in the store but I didn't care as I was there to shop!

I really only wanted some tights, but if you are like me, then a visit to Primark usually ends up with me carrying out a rather large bag!

I got the tights but along with them I also got some shoes, the ones with the gold tips were a bargin at £3 and the black pair were £6.

The only other thing that I got was another...DRESS! eeek! I'm not sure what has happened to me, since I decided to be brave again I have seen so many lovely dresses! It was actually my mum that picked this one out for me. It fits well and I can think of plenty of accessories to go with it, so I feel like I'm going to get plenty of wear out of it.

Much Love



  1. Did you have the eye drops where your pupils end up looking like the cat from Shrek? I've had those and it looks freaky! I love the dress and shoes. x x

  2. Hi! Yes! That is exactly what I looked like!. Hopefully that will be the last time.


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