Thursday, 2 May 2013 |


So first of all apologies for not doing a proper TDT update last week, I was a bit poorly and was on a course of antibiotics and penicillin for a week which made me feel quite rubbish!

At the weekend we decided that we really want to go on holiday this year, just a week relaxing by a pool in the sun.

This has now become my new motivation to lose some weight, now I know that I won't losing a humongous amount but I'm aiming for around 7lbs or more if I get my bubble butt in gear! I want to lose a little so that I don't have to buy too many new clothes and could recycle some from our last holiday which will no doubt please Mr C and his wallet!

We also have 1 month left at our gym before our membership comes to an end so we are going to TRY and go as much as this space!

Much Love


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