Holiday Dresses


I have gone a little dress crazy now! Ever since the first flash the flesh challenge I have gained a little more confidence and purchased a few more dresses.

Here are some of my favourites that I will be wearing whilst on holiday!

This skater dress I purchased from New Look last summer on a whim. I have never worn it as it's quite short and gets even shorter at the back because of my bubble butt but I'm still taking it with me as I'm bit braver on holiday than I am at home!
This dress I got from Gap last year and once again I have never worn it! I am super determined to wear a different dress everyday whilst on holiday.
I think this dress will be one that I will wear once I'm back home as well as it sits just below my knee and is super comfy. I got this from Primark around Feb/March time this year.
Much Love



  1. I love the first dress that you wore! Especially like it with the Tan Belt! Really looks fab! xx

    1. Thanks! I think it was from new look and the belt from primark, so comfy x

  2. Yay for bubble butts! I love the first dress. x x

  3. Thank you! It did come up a bit shorter at the back but it's such a nice dress I didn't care! x


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