Holiday Shopping


Whenever I go away I can't resist doing a little shopping.

On Tuesday whilst on holiday we hired a car for the day just so Mr C didn't have to carry my bags on the bus, and went to the lovely town of Citduella which was about 20 minutes drive from our resort.

I could only see a few shops as we drove through the town and I began to feel slightly disappointed.  Once we had figured out the parking meter we wondered into the lanes in the centre of town and found all the shops 'hurrah'.

There were lots of designer brands but that doesn't appeal to me as it could be found at home. I found some lovely little boutiques selling lots of nice things.

Here are a few pictures of what I bought. I got some beauty items to but will do that on a separate post.

I couldn't resist this. I thought it was only one bag and then I opened it up to find this second bag inside. I can use it as either a clutch or there are detachable straps to make it into a crossover body bag.

Of course I had to add to my jewellery collection! There were lots of pieces to choose from but these two necklaces stood out for me.

And of course just a few more scarves! The 3 brightly coloured ones were €3 each and the pretty pastel one was €9.
Much Love


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