My Holiday Beauty Essentials


So our holiday is nearly here! I can't wait, after an extremely stressful year it will be nice to get away and relax.

I tend not to wear much makeup on holiday, a bit of powder, mascara, eyeshadow and lipgloss for the evening and a bare face during the day.

My most important things on holiday to take care of is skin and hair. I try and wear a hat if I can but, if I forget, then I always make sure I have a bottle of the charles worthington UV Protections spray to spritz on during the day. As my hair is so dry I keep it moisturised by using hair cream for afro hair in the evening.

On my skin I always use sun tan lotion. I always get asked why I use sun tan lotion as I'm black! I still have to protect my skin. A few years ago I was put under a lightbox to see if my face had been damaged by the sun and I was surprised to see it was worse than what I had thought, my chin,nose and forehead showed up with the worst damage. This year Im using the factor 15 ambre solaire cream. In the evening I don't bother with any fancy after sun lotion and just use baby lotion!

My only other essential is a good manicure and pedicure before I go!

Much Love



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