OMCZ Challenge #9


This is my second OMCZ challenge, the first one I did was shorts and even though I'm not a great lover of shorts I was pleased with the outfits I managed to get together.
This is a snippet of the email that we received from Leah for the next challenage!

'' I love dressing up, so I want to suggest we do a challenge inspired by a 'movie/cartoon/tv character' as that's really open to interpretation and should be a lot of fun''

Now as soon as I read this my head was swimming with ideas, Mr C and I are bit of film buffs and I have lots of favourites. I didn't go with a film but for a TV show instead.

I choose Sex and the City, it has always been a firm favourite for me and I have watched my DVDs over and over again. It had me hooked from the beginning, I watched it because I was single and wondered why my life wasn't like this, cosmopolitans and an endless line of handsome men (cue bubble bursting).

I couldn't really emulate one of the ladies style so I went for them all! I know it's a bit crazy but I'm up for a style challenge!

My first look is for Carrie. I based this look on one of my favourite episodes where she leaves to go to Paris. When she arrives she is wearing horizontal and vertical stripes, so this is my take on that. I couldn't resist pairing it with this bracelet that I got from a local boutique, it's so gorgeous.

Next is Charlotte. This look I think is definitely Park Avenue Princess. The white dress is about 9 years old from asda, the mint green cardigan was an eBay bargain and my jewellery is from New Look. I think Charlotte is my favourite character as she ended dating and then marrying someone that she wouldn't normally have gone for and that is very true for Mr C and I!


The next look was for Miranda. I kept it quite simple to fit in with her 'career woman' look. It was Mr C's idea to sit in the chair to make me look more professional. I have got one of my favourite handbags here from Radley, it's very special as it was my first one and also a gift from my mum and sister.

Last of all, Samantha. This look was the most difficult to think of, I don't have too many bold colours and power dressing items in my wardrobe. I always used to wish that I could have some of Samantha's confidence and boldness instead of spending years overcome by crippling shyness/anxiety.


  1. Now THAT'S dedication! I love them all, but especially Carrie. Well done! x x

    1. Thank you. Really enjoyed doing this challenge so thank you for coming up with the theme! x

  2. Wow. Four looks one post!! Amazing. You look fab in them all. My particular fave on you is Charlotte. Great post xx

    1. Thank you v much. I couldn't do one as I love all of their styles! x

  3. Absolutely brilliant, you look stunning in all but love your Carrie. Keep blogging chick

  4. stunning, I love that you've done all the girls. I think my favourite is Charlotte xxx

  5. I love the white dress you wore. It reminds me of the Project D one from Simply Be!

    Toni x


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