I was supposed to be on a self imposed spending ban this month. After Mr C calculated (that's accountants for you!) how much I spent last month on clothes I felt slightly guilty especially as he rarely buys himself anything!

Anyway the guilt soon disappeared when I went onto the Forever 21 and saw they had a sale on! eeek

I was super restrained and only picked up two pieces but I'm sure I will be going back on after payday and purchasing a few more bits. Not that I know where I'm going to so store them, I did suggest to Mr C that we get rid of some his clothes to make more room for mine but that idea didn't go down too well!

Here is what I got

This top was £6.99

This dress was £14.99. I can't see this on the website anymore so I assume it's sold out!

This cardigan is really nice and lightweight, perfect for those summer evenings!

Does anyone else feel guilty after purchasing a lot of clothes (or is it just me!?).

Much Love



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