Poolside Essentials


Eeek almost holiday time!

This holiday is all about relaxing so here is what I will be taking to the poolside to keep myself entertained whilst I'm soaking up some sunshine! I think that this topic was covered on a #PSBloggerschat but I didn't partake for some reason!

Magazines - I normally pick up at least 3/4 at the airport! I usually go for a TAB for the puzzles and then Look and Now.

Ipod - I love listening to music so I will definately not be forgetting my ipod!

Book - I'm not very good at reading on holiday as I can lie for hours and just people watch (in between a spot of sleeping!) but I will take one to try and read and I have choosen this one to take with me.

Suncream - I will be using Ambre Solaire - Factor 15.

Sunglasses -  I got these last November from Vision Express when I last went to purchase some new glasses. I think they were about £90 for the frames and lenses which was pretty good. I don't have the lenses thinned out on sunglasses, as I don't wear them everyday, it seems pointless plus it saves money!

Hat - This is only if I'm sitting directly in the sun, if I were to do that without my hat my locks would look like straw! I got this one at Gatwick aiport a few years ago as I had forgotten to pack one.

Have you got any holiday plans for this year?

Much Love



  1. I wish I had something booked already but not been able to just yet! I take exactly all those things though lol, love a good book! xx


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