A few pictures of me posing like a supermodel (!) on holiday in my favourite outfits!

This dress from Primark is so comfy. It will definitely be one that I can wear when I get home (if the weather is good!)

 This stripy dress was my favourite until the strap broke in the bar, thank goodness I had a good bra on and didn't flash anyone!
This outfit was quickly put together as it was quite chilly that night. I didn't realise my necklace was all crooked until I checked later and by that time it was too late to re take the picture!

My least favourite dress I think. Not good at all for my bubble butt, it kept riding up at the back. I had to keep pulling it down whilst trying to get my dinner from the buffet, not a good look!

This is actually a cold shoulder dress from New Look but I to put some trousers underneath as the material is quite thin and I didn't feel comfortable wearing it on it's own. Not sure what face I'm pulling at Mr C here!!
Much Love


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