So last week was a good and bad week.

I managed to get a horrible tummy bug on monday, I still managed to get to work but every evening (until Thursday) I was exhausted and went straight to bed when I got home.

I had lost my appetite and survived the week on soup, toast, crackers and a couple of bowls of cereal.

It does make me chuckle though that when I tell people that I can hardly eat anything the first words out of their mouths is 'oh well at least you will lose some weight'! That's not the way I want to be doing it.

I didn't manage to stick to my goal of moving around for 15 minutes, but I did move more than I usually do despite being ill.

Also last week Mr C was diagnosed with a fatty liver, after months of backache and stomach pains I persuaded him to go the doctors. It was only by chance that they discovered it as they were testing him for other stuff.

Over the recent weeks of writing TDT I have become a fairweather dieter, I never took it too seriously and would still allow myself to indulge maybe once too often. This news was definately a wake up call for both of us to get more healthy, on doctors orders Mr C HAS to lose weight. I couldn't let him do it on his own so I will be joining him on his 'eating clean mission'.

My aim from this is still the same, I want to be healthy but not strive to be a size 10 or 12, my big bum and thighs from my caribean heritage will not allow for that!

The cupboards have been filled with extra fruit and veg so lets see how our first week goes!

Much Love



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