So the first week of eating healthy was pretty successful. I must admit I did have a couple of biscuits but I did put a lot of effort into eating healthy at every other meal.
Mr C on the other hand did extremely well, I think that when you have an order from the doctor to lose weight it really spurs you on. Mr C also knows full well that if he doesn't change his eating habits he will never get better and his liver will just continue to get worse.
We will be on holiday by the time you read this, I know it will be super difficult as we are all inclusive, it's so easy to get carried away. Every time we want to reach for something naughty we will just have to picture a manky old liver in our minds and I'm sure the temptation will soon wane!
We also tried Quinoa for the first time this week, I can honestly say that it made my stomach churn looking at it and then it promptly went in the bin...bad I know but we will try again soon (hopefully!).
If anyone has any healthy food tips please let me know!

Much Love




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