30 Day Blog Challenge Day 10


Embarrasing Moment

Well where do I start on this one! I couldn't pick one so I'll give a few (shortened) embarrassing moments!

1. I like to fall asleep on public transport or in the car.....whilst snoring and dribbling sometimes.

2. I fell down about 4 steps outside a shop once, I was fine but they insisted on calling an ambulance. So there I am, lying on the ground with lots of people around and then being put onto a stretcher and into the ambulance...cringe! (I only had a slight sprained ankle!)

3. Talking my boss at the time and the next thing I know ping, my bra strap decides to break! Just imagine having to casually fold your arms to keep one boob up. I had to do a quick fix in the toilet and not move for the rest of the day!

4. I went to work one day and wondered why I was walking a bit odd. I get to the office and look down, I'm only wearing two different shoes, one black and one purple and yes, everyone noticed and I was laughing stock of the office all day!

5. I went shopping one day with my sister and couldn't figure out why people kept staring at me, everywhere I went I kept getting odd looks. I get home, look in the mirror and I only have one eye with make up on?!! I have no idea how I did it but yeah it was very embarrassing!

Much Love



  1. Oh my God. I laughed so hard! Thank gawd it's not just me who makes these faux pas! x x

    1. I was chuckling when I wrote them, I could have carried on for a long time!


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