30 Day Blog Challenge Day 13


Issue a public apology.
Dear Mr Debit Card
I'm sorry for making you sit in a dark and dull surrounds almost everyday albeit a fairly expensive one, I mean I would love to be cushioned by the soft leather of a Radley purse, ok maybe not all day but at night...yes I would!
I'm sorry that you get pushed and shoved every time I take you out of your dark prison, I mean who wants to shoved into holes and machines and thrown around on dirty work surfaces.
I'm sorry that I don't take care of you. You looked worn out and scratched. My mind does tell me that you  need a good rest, perhaps frozen inside an ice cube or in a cupboard safe from my fiendish shopping hands but my heart tells me...NO!
I do love you though, you make my wardrobe fuller, my car run and allow me to make silly random purchases. Your brother that lives in Mr C's wallet, which is not as nice as my purse so be thankful, is also very good to me even though I only see him once in a blue moon.
So dear Mr Debit I will try my best to give you a holiday in August and only interrupt you for an important purchase such as petrol and not to fill up my wardrobe or pretty up my face.
Much Love


  1. Fantastic I'm sure my debit card feels the same way!! x

  2. Hahaha, I love this! A few years ago got so overused I wore out the strip :D x x


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