30 Day Blog Challenge Day 14


Ten things that make you really happy!
1. Mr C. I see him every day so if he didn't make me happy he wouldn't be on this list!
2. My family. All in their own special ways
3. Music - Not a day goes past when I don't listen to music. Listening to one of my favourite songs can put me in a happy place
4. My Ipad - I do such much on this, blog, check emails, watch you tube and shop! Hurrah!
5. Seeing people I care about happy - I love seeing someone close me to having a good day, it cheers me up!
6. Barbados - Even though the mosquitos like to eat me alive cos I'm sweet and juicy I love going back here, where my family is from.
7. Shopping - I can't lie I love shopping especially those good days when you have lots of bags in your hands!
8. Days out - I love just hopping in the car with Mr C and going on a little adventure. Sometimes we don't plan where we are going and those are usually the most fun days.
9. Food - As you can tell by my wobbly tum and chunky thighs I do love some grub. Mr C and I enjoy going to different restaurants and also cooking up some lovely feasts at home.
10. Blogging - It's taken me a looonnnng time but I have finally found a hobby that I really do enjoy. I have tried so many in the past, crafting, cross stitch and baking but nothing has held my interest like blogging has.
Much Love


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