30 Day Blog Challenge Day 18


Tell a story from your childhood
Well I will make this short and sweet, ok enough about me here we go. 
So the thing that sticks in my mind the most is going to Sunday market with the family.  Ah boring I hear you cry but I would go along with my wonderful sister, wonderful at the time I'm not so sure.  The market was always an interesting place to go, it didn't mean much to me at that age but it was a morning out walking around staring at people's knees (I was only little toddler).

The market we went to was always a tad windy, nice open field that it was on.  Me as a child never loved the wind so my sister bless her would always cover my face when the wind blew in it, as it would take my breath away.  I never quite learnt to turn my head or put my head down.  I was young and thought my sister was protecting me.  I sit back and think now that she could have shielded me with a jacket or something else but no she used her hands over my face.  Can you imagine what that looked like to others, ah the woman is attacking her I could see across their faces.

So I asked my sister why she used to put her hands over my face, her reply "dude, it was so funny to see you gasp for air when the wind blew in your face and it wasn't even a strong wind.  I was not going to spread my jacket and look like something out of Batman - ooh actually I could have been a caped crusader saving Nat from the wind, ha ha. 
Luckily I still love my  crazy sister after this!
Much Love


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