30 Day Blog Challenge Day 19


Five Favourite Blogs!

1. Girl With Curves - This was the first blog that I ever read and has remained a firm favourite of mine. Tanesha Awasthi always looks classy and beautiful.
2. Just me Leah - A recent favourite of mine, Leah seems like one of those people that would be just as funny in person as she is on twitter! Her blog is funny, thought provoking and she has some bloomin lovely clothes and make up!
3. The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe - I have yet to spot one bad picture of this lovely lady. So many great pictures of clothes, its very bad for my bank balance!
4. From The Corners of The Curve - A blog by Calli Thorpe which has fashion and FOOD! hello...could it be any better!
5. A Thrifty Mrs - I read this so that I can save money on other stuff and spend it on clothes! oh and the voice on videos, love it!
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