A few weeks ago on PSBloggerschat the topic was ' what is your favourite accessory ', before I had a chance to type my tweet our internet decided to go haywire and I missed it all!

My favourite accessory has to be a scarf, unless it is super hot (which you know is rare in lovely old Britain), I am rarely without one around my neck. Every time I see one in a shop I find it hard to resist.

I wear them all year round, either for warmth in the winter or when its slightly warmer, just to brighten up an outfit. I also find them especially handy if I wear a top that is slightly low cut, as I am quite self conscious about showing my cleavage.

Here is a picture of my collection!  I have about 25 in total (so far!).

Much Love



  1. Ooh, lots of lovelies! I have a scarf addiction too. You have some beautiful ones! x x


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