Everyday Make Up


I don't really write too many beauty related posts as I don't really wear that much.

Most weekends I go bare faced unless we are going out for dinner, even then its only a bit of foundation, powder and lip gloss.

I do however wear a little bit each day, I never used to as used to lie in until nearly 8.00am in my previous job. Now that I have to wake up at 6.15 I have a quick and easy make up routine so as not to scare my colleagues with my supersized dark circles

Here is what I use

Body Shop Mascara - I got this free off a magazine and I must admit it did sit in my drawer for a few weeks before I used it. It goes on well, gives a nice natural look and lasts all day.

Mac Concealer - The only concealer I have ever used. It's so difficult to find one to suit my skin tone I 've just stayed loyal to this one for years now.

Mac Bronzing Powder - Now a lot of people laugh when I say that I use bronzing powder. I used to be the same until I went to the mac makeup counter to buy some lip gloss and came away with some it. It gives my skin a lovely little glow.

Mac Studio Fix - Yes I know another MAC product! I have used their make up for years now as I find it's the best for black skin. This product is one of my absolute favourites, if I'm running late I can get away with just this and some lip gloss and I'm done!

Vaseline - Always a must for me first thing in the morning and then I pop on some clear lip gloss
during the day.

To set the look I use MUA fixing mist. This is the first setting spray I have ever tried. I spray it twice and then it dries super quick. It does help my make up stay in place all day, if I don't use it I normally have to re touch during the afternoon.

A really quick look, it only takes me about 5 minutes to do in the morning!

Much Love



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