Hair Care

My hair is the bane of my life. If you have afro or thick course hair you will understand where I am coming from!

I have a whole drawer of hair care stuff and in the bathroom the cupboard it practically full of the various hair shampoos I have bought and discarded after one use.


To try and tame my tresses I have my hair relaxed/straightened by my wonderful mother. I used to have it done at a afro salon but after one bad experience which left me almost bald my mum is the only person that I trust to relax it for me.

Now after having my hair relaxed for most of my adult life, I have decided to give it a rest. The main reason why is that my hair is becoming so thin at the front I'm scared I will eventually have no hair left!
I have been reading up on it and there are some things I can do to help to grow back. First of all I am going to try pure coconut oil and rub it into the patches day and night, if that doesn't work my second option is castor oil. Hopefully in a few months I will wake up with long flowing locks!

To keep my hair fairly straight and manageable I use my Wahl Power Pick hairdryer with the comb attachment, it has different heat settings. I normally have two of these in my drawer as if one broke I would cry!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your hair?

Much Love



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