My favourite things in June


Just a little post of my favourite things in June!

Hart of Dixie - I loved the first season so when I saw season 2 was starting I was super excited. It's on Really at 20.00 every Monday. I'm obsessed with the fashion on this show

Blogs - I love catching up on different blogs most evenings and on a Sunday. One of my favourites at the moment is Just Me Leah, a great blog with fun, serious and fab fashion posts, it's a real pleasure to read.

Daft Punk - Discovery Album - Ok now I know this is their old album but after hearing their new song I just had to dust this off and play it again, one of my top 10 favourite albums

Holiday - Despite a few set backs I had a lovely break with Mr C in Menorca

Chanel Mademoiselle - I haven't actually purchased this yet (i'm saving up to buy it) but it has become one of my favourite scents at the moment.

Is there anything that you have been loving in June?

Much Love



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