OMCZ Challenge #11


Time for another OMCZ challenge!

If you read most woman's magazines inevitably there will be an article on what you should wear for your body type. I never take any notice of the advice and usually wear whatever I think looks good on me.

One particular article I read had the following advice:

Chunky Thighs - Wear palazzo pants or flowing skirts.

Big Tummy - Wear baggy shirts over trousers, empire line dresses and nothing fitted at the waist.

Big Hips - Conceal with loose baggy flowing feminine skirts and highlight other areas.

Oversize Proportions - Remember that big is beautiful. To streamline and slenderise head to toe black works.

Really, all black especially in this weather we are currently having...I don't think so!

This weeks challenge was set by Becky from Does my blog make me look fat

"So the next OMCZ challenge is to be set by me, i thought long and hard about it, I had a few ideas ideas floating around but there was one that stood out more than others to the theme is: Breaking a Fashion Rule/s 

How you interpret this is up to you, it could be something us fat ladies shouldn't do or just a fashion no no in general. I like this idea as we are always being told about the 'fashion rules' but where did they actually come from, who sets these rules and why do they get to tell us what we shouldn't wear, so i say let's give two fingers to the 'fashion police' and show that breaking the rules can be all kinds of right. 

B x "

So here is my outfit, no black on my bottom and I'm not wearing anything to conceal my hips plus wait for it another fat no no....stripes! AND my fat arms are on show....yep broken so many rules I have to go into detention!
So pah to anyone that says I shouldn't be wearing either, as long as I'm cool and comfortable that is the most important thing me at the moment!

Have a look at the other lovely ladies taking part!




  1. I love your outfit, stripes and a peplum my two favourite things xxx

  2. You look bloody amazing! I think this is my favourite outfit of yours so far. Boom chicka wow wow! x x

  3. you look so happy and confident and cool, this might on paper break lots of rules but it paid off breaking them xxx


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