Wardrobe Favourites


My top 5 favourite items in my wardrobe

1. White vest top - I find these so versatile, I can put them on under any cardigan in my wardrobe or a blazer and have a quick and simple outfit. This one is from Primark, I think they are around £2.50 and are good value for money.

2. Cardigans - I have a little bit of an addiction to cardigans. I have ones for work, casual ones and then oldies for slobbing around the house. All colours and lengths, I love them all!

3. Jeans - I used to hate wearing jeans. I could never find a pair to fit properly so I lived in black trousers all week even the weekends. I finally found ones that fit really well from New Look and Yours, they have now become my staple wear for the weekend.

4. T-Shirts - I love a good old T-Shirt. In fact I have a whole drawer full of them! Most evening's you will find me wearing one of my tee's. My favourite ones are from Gap, they wash well and last for ages.

5. White Shirts - Whenever I find a nice white shirts that fits I buy it. The main reason is because if like me you have a bigger bust you will understand how hard it is to find shirts that don't gape open on the chest. I have picked up a couple from Forever 21 recently that fit really well and are super comfy.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

Much Love



  1. I love this post! Your t shirt drawer looks gorgeously organised. Would you mind if I did a post like this? I'd link to your blog and give you credit, of course. Let me know. My favorite items are dresses. I just love them. Xx

    1. Thank you! I try to keep them organised like this, it's so much easier when I'm trying to find the one that I want to wear!

      Yep that's fine with me, can't wait to see your post :o)



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