30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 30

Friday, 2 August 2013 |


React to this term - Letting Go
This threw up a lot of ideas in my head when I first saw this.
The main for me though was letting go of old friends.
These last few months I have realised that a few people that I thought were good friends no longer speak to me, simple as that. I have no idea why, we had been friends for a long time, I always had visions of us going to each others weddings and chatting over cocktails in our 40's but now this will never happen.
I used to get upset about it and made more effort into getting in touch but maybe it was too little to late, I don't know.
I don't let it bother me anymore as I have made some more new friends and am pretty happy.
Sometimes in life there are times when you have to let go and move on and this was one of them!

Much Love


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