30 Day Blog Challenge Day 31


A Vivid Memory

Sob Sob, its the final day of the of the 30 day blog challenge! As much has I have enjoyed doing it, it has been difficult some day knowing what to write. I have pushed myself a bit more though and written some longer and funnier (hopefully) posts! Thank you to Vicki at The Curved Opinion for organising it.
So my most vivid and favourite memory is of mine and Mr C first date. I rolled up late (this is because I couldn't decide what to wear plus I had to take extra time with my make up to hide the fact that I was teeny tiny bit hungover!
Anyway we went shopping (super bonus points for Mr C..ding ding!), he bought a pair of trainers and I bough nothing as I was so nervous!
He then took me to Frankie & Benny's which was my first time there, I had Fish and Chips and he had a burger and chips, we ate, chatted and had a lovely time.
Then he walked me back to my car, he had asked if I wanted to go and see the fireworks but I had to tell a fib as I'm a bit scared of them so I said that I had to get ready for work and see friends!
Luckily I didn't scare him off with my hangover face and being a bit shy and nearly 7 years later we are still together!

Hope you have enjoyed the 30 day challenge. I have loved reading everyone's post and learning so much about you all!

Much Love


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