Mr C Styles Me!


Last week I had a real mental block with what to wear, each morning I would get up and literally chuck on something! I normally have my outfit put together the night before so it was a case of wearing something that matched and was comfortable!

So on Thursday I asked Mr C what he would pick for me to wear to wear to work and this is what he choose!

Top - Tesco
Waterfall Jacket - New Look
Skirt - Asda
Shoes - Debenhams

I think he did a good job! These are all pieces that I have had in my wardrobe for sooo long and haven't worn for ages!
Would you let your partner style you?
Much Love


  1. Adorei o blog..parabéns...

  2. You look really good. He has taste! x

  3. I definitely would esp if I know he has a good eye on fashion or notices/have interest on things I wear .... your Mr did a great job and the coordination of those colours is amazing! good on ya!!!


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